Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Protest Poems 2

Political Promises

Popular people play politics
Exposing plastic hopes opposite penury
Promising people power of poverty

Poor people persevere
Pleonastic promises for prosperity
Politicians perpetually permit

Weep not Ô people
Political promise is not the pill
To pacify your poliomyelitis of poverty.


The Protest March

This black land you know, son
Knew protest marches before democracy
Your granny has led marches
Villagers follow him Down the village paths in protest

Women have wailed here
Men have groaned there
Old men sob and moan
After a nocturnal sit-in at the nsiwa
Things must change

Some propagate religious lies
We loved, but God loved most
All is not lost, for peace comes

As we walk down the village paths
To the grave, protesting
Protesting against death.

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