Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I welcome you, wherever you may be, to this my blog. Here I take you into the literary world of my sort. It is a traverse into my culture, my roots and, my writing. By extension, I still believe in the same old Nizanian belief that Writing Eases my Pain a Little. I guess writing has that theraupetic value, both to the writer, and the reader. All writing that is devoid of such a salutary value is not worth the name.

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ALB/aellebi said...

Hey, Kondwa,

it seems that the first comment to your first post has to be mine...
You should have already received the email I sent you, 'Your blog and The Chameleon's Smile'.
I hope that something really worth will come out of that...

Carme diem,

Alberto, Italy, province of Milan.